Keep Your Dyed Hair Healthy

You may love the color of your hair, but you may not know the amount of care it will need to stay healthy after getting dye put into it. Keep your hair fresh and smooth with these secrets to luscious hair highlights san francisco style.

Don’t wash your hair every day. Washing the hair gets rid of dye much faster, leaving you with a duller hue than you originally had. Instead, wash two or three times a week and invest in a good dry shampoo.

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Condition your hair religiously. It may feel weird at first but condition your hair without shampooing it often. By adding extra conditioners to your routine, your hair will be soft and shiny without fading colors. The hydration protects the hair and keeps your colors in place.

Don’t use just any shampoo. You may be tempted to continue with your normal shampoo, but this will only result in your shade fading much faster. Get a good shampoo that is meant for dyed hair to protect the pigment in your locks. Look for one that is low in sulfates, which can strip coloring from hair.

Use masks on your locks. Conditioning is a huge step in keeping dyed hair as healthy as possible. Using a hair mask twice a week for just 5 to 10 minutes can add needed nourishment to your head and repair any damage that has occurred. It also helps your shade of color stay in your hair for a longer period of time.

Skip the heat and blow dryer. Regular heating of your hair can cause damage as well as moisture loss. Not only that, but it can make the dye in your hair appear dull. Use an oil or leave-in conditioner and skip the heat for your next hair day.

You can keep your hair healthy after dying it by taking good care of it. These secrets are the best way to have soft, shiny, and lustrous locks.