New York’s Styling Craze comes to Boca Raton

If you have ever had a hankering for the pin-straight hair you see on models well now you can. There’s a technique making its way to a salon near you known as Japanese Hair Straightening, and if you’d like that perfect look of hair that cascades more like a waterfall you can have it too.

The technique of japanese straightening boca raton really did originate in Japan,  It depends on a combination of heat and chemicals. Firstly the chemicals breakdown protein structure of the hair. It is the protein which gives it frizz or curl – so removing it takes out the wave. The hair is then heat pressed in specially controlled heating irons to ensure all the curl is gone.

Besides the exquisite look, there are other benefits to the process as well, especially if you have a lot of hair. For one thing, it will take you considerably less time to dry your hair, as heat treated hair dries faster than its untreated counterpart. You will find you can wash it easily in the shower and then dry it quickly and head out, which if you’re used to it taking hours to dry is a real time saver.

You’ll be glad to get that time back because the technique is a time hog. You can expect at least 4 hours at the hairdresser and maybe more if you have very long thick hair. Luckily a treatment will last as many as six months before you need to go back and have it done again.

japanese straightening boca raton

It is a well-documented process and there are lots of discussions on line. It is also worth doing a little research because as hair treatment goes it is quite expensive – but once you have had it done, you’ll be thrilled how easy it is to take care of.